Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let's Try This Again

Two years ago I started and then failed at maintaining this blog.  I was busy with Wheaton in the Holy Lands and when I got back from the trip I had six weeks of unemployment before my junior year at Wheaton was scheduled to start, but MW2 got in the way.  That all feels like it happened a millennium ago to a completely different person: I didn't even have a mustache back then.  That is not to mention that much has changed, most notably I am now a Wheaton College graduate.

My life may have changed quite a bit but this blog has not.  I will be working on updating my profile and layout as I find time between work, reviewing Koine for Trinity's competency, and giving Beth enough attention to keep her happy.  The first couple of posts will most likely be short and simple recaps of my life as I get my blog boots on.

So why resurrect this crappy old blog?  First, I had a bit of following when I started posting, and chief among my fan's was Frances Griswold whom this post is dedicated to.  I'm not only doing this for Frances but for all my dear friends, near and far; from the Midwest to the Middle East and everywhere between. Second, I want to see if I am up to the challenge.

I will make no promises about the quality of my posts, content or grammar wise, but at the very least I can promise that it will be interesting and that I will figure out how to indent paragraphs on this stupid website.

Since this reboot post is dedicated to Frances I figured I would share a picture of me, her, and Jordan at graduation.  The girl in the background on the right creeps me out a bit.