Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hezekiah's Tunnel

In time I will write about the Old City in general but I have not been to all of it yet.  However, we did go to Hezekiah's tunnel today which was pretty neat and there are some pictures below.  The tale of King Hezekiah is the most told story in the OT except for the Creation account which is just littered throughout.  It is located at the bottom of the City of David which is the sight of the first settlement in Jerusalem before the expansions made under Solomon et al.  The COD is located between the Kidron and Central valleys and is ringed by much larger hills.  Due to that fact Jerusalem is either described as protected or vulnerable.  Enemies are either kept away by the hills and valleys or they use the high ground to attack from the easily accessible north.

The tunnel was dug by Hezekiah in preparation for the inevitable siege by the Assyrians.  It is about 1/5 of a mile long, narrow, ranges in height from around 3.5 feet to about 18 feet, and the drop in elevation is about 1 foot.  The water at its deepest came up just above my ankles which was not the case for everyone.  Yes, I spent a good amount of time hunched over. 

 He got claustrophobic and left before he even went in/
 Jeremiah looks pumped to be here but I have no idea what is going on in the back.
 Carl here is only 5'9''.

Some authentic graffiti from Hezekiah's day.