Saturday, May 28, 2011


The college we are staying at and take classes through is Jerusalem University College.  The title University College is used in most countries outside of the US to refer to schools that only offer graduate degrees.  It is also Wheaton's and a number of other school's campus in Israel.  In fact there are three other schools, Cedarville, Covenant, and Fresno Pacific, going through a similar intensive three week program at the same time as us.

The school was originally built and founded as an Anglican school for Arab boys in the 1850's.  The property is stilled owned by the Anglican Church and JUC pays them rent. Campus is located just outside of the Zion Gate of the Old City on modern Mount Zion.  Abutting the property is Hinnom Valley which is also known as Gehennah the valley that Christ used as a metaphor for hell.  As the folks at the Greek Orthodox seminary next door like to jokes, "The Protestants are sliding into hell."