Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Blog

I know that some who are reading this are probably thinking to their selves, "Great he has a blog."  Hopefully, that is in an elated tone and not a sarcastic one.  This blog was created as an easy way for me to share with friends and family what my experience with WIHL is/was like.  There is no promise on the "is" considering that I am not taking a laptop and my only guaranteed internet access is at Jerusalem University College.  I will definitely share in detail on here when I get back because I have no doubt that I will become sick of having to verbally tell my stories.  Also, if you all are lucky I'll continue posting about other things besides WIHL.  I want to thank two ladies who have the honor of being mentioned in my first ever blog post.  They are Marisa Foxwell and Tanya Rymas.  Marisa just started her own blog which inspired me to create one for the trip.  Tanya is one of the reasons for the name.  I was trying to think of a name and I started going through fun memories from the past year and I thought of all the trust falls that I was apart of most of them involving her.  This name also has the additional advantage of sounding hip and emotionally vulnerable even though it is not intended as such.